Realm & Empire | Contemporary Menswear Inspired by Great Britain

Realm & Empire, a men's contemporary clothing collection inspired by original finds from the IWM garment and print archives. Every piece combines a genuine back story with authentic detailing and our own unique design handwriting.


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Field Notes

The Kitbag: Men's Summer Essentials

May 24, 2016

Starting to think about your summer holidays? Maybe heading to France for the Euros? Then you, friend, are going to need to look fire - which is exactly why we've put together this Summer Essentials edition of the R&E kitbag... Whether you're going to spend your summer break beach (bar) hopping, relaxing in a country retreat, or exploring cities old and new, we've got your sartorial choices covered with this great selection of Realm & Empire menswear. Keep reading to find your summer style! The Long and Short of It A good pair of shorts is essential for the summer months - and that's exactly where our Chino Twill Combat Shorts fit the bill. Coming in Navy, Stone or our very own Map Camo material, these are all you need... Continue Reading →

Unseen Evolution: A History of British Camouflage

May 19, 2016

Camouflage is a design of contradictions. From the deliberate garishness of the first dazzle patterns through to designs intended for city warfare, camouflage marks the application of graphic art philosophies upon the practicalities of warfare. The resulting creation has proven devastatingly effective, yet also timelessly stylish... The Need to Be Unseen The Siege and Relief of Gibraltar, John Singleton Copley From Cromwell's New Modern Army onwards the British Army was known for the scarlet of their tunics, earning them the nickname 'Redcoats'. It wasn't until the Seven Year War (1756-1763) that the long range Rogers’ Rangers unit dressed in grey and green to conceal themselves from distance. The British Rifle Regiment adopted green uniforms as long-range combat became more prevalent during... Continue Reading →

An Interview with... Adventure Cameraman Ash Bhardwaj

May 17, 2016

We caught up with Ash Bhardwaj a filmmaker, adventure journalist and founder of video storytelling company Digital Dandy. Ash travelled with Levison Wood for 700 miles, as part of his Walking The Nile expedition, filming in Uganda and the Sahara. He has also filmed part of Wood's Walking The Himalayas series that aired on C4 recently. Hi Ash, we're delighted to have you here at R&E! What was the highlight of your adventures with Levison Wood whilst walking stretches of the Himalayas and the Nile? My favourite part of the Nile was the Bayuda Desert, Sudan. The sense of insignificance I felt in such a vast and starkly beautiful landscape was strangely reassuring. I loved the rhythm of the days - waking up before dawn, walking,... Continue Reading →