Realm & Empire | Modern Menswear Inspired by History

REALM & EMPIRE is a modern menswear collection inspired by British military history. We discover themes in our digs through the IWM's print and garment archives, meaning every piece combines design expertise with an authentic backstory.


Field Notes

#MYREALM - Scramble Sweatshirt by Rob Gillison

October 19, 2016

Creating unique, modern menswear inspired by history and heritage, the Realm & Empire #MYREALM campaign weaves your story into every garment. Today, Rob Gillison tells us all about his realm...
R/E AW16: Detailed Distinction

October 18, 2016

These days, the word ‘quality’ is bandied around so frequently that all original meaning is fast becoming lost; particularly in the realm of modern menswear. Rest assured, however, that every item of apparel carrying the Realm & Empire emblem lives up to the truest sense of that term. At R/E we believe that looking good needn’t be a troublesome task – after all, our motto is hard-wearing, not hard work. And with our inspiration sourced directly from Britain’s finest military archive, you can be sure that we’re following in good company. Functionality is the prevailing notion, from well-cut fabrics to durable finishes. Pockets are oversized, elbows are patched, and the lining of our winter coats is military grade. Features include... Continue Reading →