Collection Edit: Anthony Teasdale, Umbrella Magazine | Realm & Empire

Collection Edit: Anthony Teasdale, Umbrella Magazine

Posted on March 08, 2016 by Realm & Empire

We understand Spring is a tough season to navigate through. The winter chill lessens, the British sunshine is intermittent but the persistent showers still try to dampen your days. It's unpredictable and makes picking out a new summer wardrobe pretty tough. To help you out, today we welcome Anthony Teasdale, editor of one of our fave cool mags, Umbrella Magazine and friend of Realm & Empire to the journal to share his words of wisdom; picking out his favourite pieces from our new Ridin' The Storm range...


1. The Sandstorm Smock
“Every man needs a casual jacket that can go well with jeans. This is one such piece. I love the headphone wire-holder near the neck and the drawstring around the waist to give an extra tailored feel. Good hood, too.” Realm & Empire Sandstorm Smock, Green, £210
2. Montgomery Casual Blazer 
“There’s nothing better than an unstructured blazer for smart-casual – always a favourite with Italian chaps of a certain age. Wear with slim-fit jeans or chinos, and you’ll be pulling off an updated preppy look that will make you look like you own a menswear boutique in Milan.” Realm & Empire Montgomery Casual Blazer, Navy, £160
3. Patched Overshirt 
“In reality, an overshirt works like a blouson jacket. This one will look great over a sweatshirt or tee – and you can turn the collars up so you look hard, too.” Realm & Empire Patched Overshirt, Navy, £130
4. LRDG Storm Ridin' Sweatshirt 
“Who doesn’t love a sweatshirt with a cool logo on the front? Wear this over a white or light-blue shirt buttoned up to the top... which I believe, is what young people wear these days. Not that I’d know, I’m half-blind and work in a meat factory.” Realm & Empire LRDG Sweatshirt, Navy, £75
5. LRDG Scorpion Tee
Want to show off that tan when you come back from your fortnight in Rhyl? This will bring out those bronzed arms perfectly, while the scorpion logo will make you feel like Al Pacino (in Scarface, not the one he pretended to be blind in). Realm & Empire LRDG Scorpion Tee, White, £35

6. Summer Stripe Tee

"Ever been to France? Well, on turning 18 every man is given a stripy T-shirt which he must wear with a string of onions and an old bike once a week. This super tee has nothing to do with this practice.” Realm & Empire Summer Stripe T-shirt, Bright Stripe, £35

7. Chino Jungle Shorts

“Take shorts. Wear with blue sweatshirt. Add plain blue or red pumps. Look better than everyone else ever.” Realm & Empire Chino Jungle Shorts, Stone, £75
8. Short Sleeve Desert Rat Shirt 
"Great bit of summer smartness that will work under a jumper or an unstructured blazer. Imagine the poshest hotel in the world – one with a kettle in the room and everything – they’d pay you to come in wearing this. But don’t wear a tie, otherwise you’ll look like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.” Realm & Empire Short Sleeve Desert Rat Shirt, Grey, £75




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