An Interview with... Designer + Filmmaker, Jake Evans

April 26, 2016

An Interview with... Designer + Filmmaker, Jake Evans

We've been following Jake Evans' serious wanderlust-inducing work for a while now and we thought it was about time we sat down to chat interests, inspirations and new projects...

R&E: Hey Jake! For those that don’t know, could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Of course, I’m a 25 year old freelance designer and filmmaker based in London. I studied Illustration down at Brighton (I love the sea) and now I spend most of my time behind a camera!

R&E: What was the first film you made and what first sparked an interest in videography?

Oh wow, the first filmed I made... I started making films quite young. My Dad had one of those old iMacs where the screen moved around on an arm. I would download random videos I found online and just edit them to some music. How quickly you can bring an emotion to a bit of video using sound and editing software just had me hooked from then on.

R&E: Your imagery is a stunning photographic journal of the great outdoors and many wonderful locations you’ve travelled to and adventures with friends; what appeals to you about outdoor photography and what do you look for capturing a specific moment?  

Getting outside just feels good right? Especially as I spend half of my time sitting in front of a computer. I’ve been very lucky to visit some incredible places with my line of work. Like most people that take photographs I’m looking to express how something felt at the time. I’ve always felt a need to document, I used to collect a lot of things and for me photographs are another form of collecting. As much as landscapes are beautiful and engaging parts of this collection, I also love little bits of memorabilia. Like when you ask a local for directions and they jot it down on a random bit of paper. They all become part of the story. 

R&E: Is there any unique challenges to shooting on location?

Oh yeah constantly, one of them being time and lack of control of your environment.  There’s no time to set up shots you’re mostly just reacting to what's going on around you but I really enjoy that. Often it’s a nice surprise when you’re reviewing photographs or footage because you’ve almost forgotten what happened as you’re just so focused on documenting that specific moment.

R&E: What’s your favourite place that you’ve visited and why?

Longyearbyen in Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago. It was unlike any other place I’d been before. School children are taught how to protect themselves if a polar bear ever wanders into town. Which is badass, plus no one locks their front door either just in case anyone wants to seek shelter. It’s also where I saw my first glacier which was incredible, everything just vibrated with this ice blue. I love how seeing something like that can make you feel so small, it’s humbling. 

R&E: We’ve noticed a trend in your feed for visiting colder climes, is this just an excuse to wear your winter garb all year round?

I’m a fan of the crisp cold sunny morning, the kind of climate where every hot drink is steamy. I actually love the weather in England. Spare me this rainy stereotype, England’s weather has got diversity and I like that. 

R&E: Finally, what does the rest of the year hold for you, any projects you can shed some light on?

Ah yes, new horizons this year! I’ve set up a film and design partnership with a long time collaborator of mine. We’re calling ourselves Pavillion (@pavilionworks), looking forward to sharing the things we’ve been working on. Got a nice little site coming soon but for now we’re on Twitter! Hopefully some more travelling of my own, it’s been such an amazing experience travelling with my work but nothing beats going somewhere with no agenda other than soaking up the culture and exploring until you're lost and bewildered. A group of us have started a tradition of having NYE every year in a new country so super keen to start thinking about where that might be, travelling with friends is the ultimate •insert thumbs up emoji here•.

Jake wears the Realm & Empire Combat Jacket in Navy. 

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All images courtesy of Jake Evans

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