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Across The Realm: April Highlights

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Realm & Empire

As we look back at the month, it's fair to say that April has well and truly lived up to its showery reputation. Style-wise it's still all about the keep-warm, layered look; lightweight performance jackets and robust, herringbone overshirts. Have a great Bank Holiday, y'all, and just know, whilst it might not be beer garden weather just yet, we've always got you covered

1. Matthew Pike visited musician, Russ Erwin in the studio to chat influences, fitness and style. Russ opts for a relaxed silhouette with the Bacton Artisan Jacket

2. Individualism's John Jarrett pairing the Tommy Cords with brogues for Loake's #WeAreLoake campaign. 

3. Seeing double of our friend Nick of Well Dressed Dad in the Herringbone Chino Trousers

4. Norm of Waste Studio weekend exploring in the Ace of Aces back-print jacket

5. Sneak peek of our upcoming interview with furniture designer, Dan Marc. Dan wears the Patched Overshirt in Navy

6. Chris of The Nomadic Gent snapped out and about for Men's Club Japan in his Commando Roll Neck

7. Have you had a chance to catch our chat with photographer & designer Jake Evans? Incredible pics & inspired conversation. 

8. Buckets & Spades' Nik wore the LRDG zip jacket to protect against the relentless showers whilst exploring Nottingham . 

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