Five of the Best Men’s Spring Jackets

May 03, 2016

Five of the Best Men’s Spring Jackets


Selecting a suitable jacket for Spring can present a not-inconsiderable challenge to the fashion conscious man. The sudden and drastic changes between sunny and wet or warm and freezing, often over the course of a single day, mean you can be appropriately attired one minute and drastically over-dressed the next.

With this in mind we’ve put together a list of the best Spring jackets and overshirts that you need to see you through the worst of the weather and on to that glorious British summer…

Five of the Best Men's Spring Jackets

Long Range Patrol Jacket | Navy (RE0384)

Best Spring Jackets - Long Range Patrol Jacket | Realm & Empire

Tap into the ingenuity and attention to detail of the Long Range Desert Group with the Long Range Patrol Jacket. Crafted from a lightweight performance fabric, this zip-thru and drawstring fastened jacket provides all the protection you need from the elements, including strategic ventilation points to stop you overheating. The turn-back cuffs, raglan sleeve detail and antique brass fastenings complete the stylish functionality of a jacket that’s just waiting for an adventure.

Patched Overshirt | Navy (RE0372)

Best Spring Jackets - Patched Overshirt | Realm & Empire

When it’s too warm for wool but too cold for a tee, you can’t go wrong with a workwear overshirt. Combining a classic silhouette with utilitarian detailing, the Patched Overshirt uses a varied selection of military innovations to combine function with form. A lightweight shell cut from a 100% cotton twill offers a relaxed, vintage look while the series of tonal patches reinforce the durability. Large front pockets and a zipped off-centre chest pocket add to the practicality of this finely crafted piece of workwear.

Ghost Patrol Zip-Thru Jacket | Stone/Navy (RE0369)

Best Spring Jackets - Ghost Patrol Zip-Thru Jacket | Realm & Empire

The Ghost Patrol’s motto goes “not by strength, by guile”, and that’s exactly our inspiration for the Ghost Patrol Zip-Thru Jacket. Although the contrasting raglan sleeves, concealed zip and singular chest pocket may make you think that this is simply a stylish lightweight jacket, we’ve taken the opportunity to hide some highly functional extra features in there too. Look out for beautifully constructed utility pockets, a handy department for your pen and some incredible delicate stitch details.

Combat Jacket | Camo Green (RE0371)

Best Spring Jackets - Combat Jacket | Realm & Empire

The inspiration for our new ‘map camo’ comes from a Second World War escape map that was found sewn into the beret of a member of the Long Range Desert Group. Our Combat Jacket is cut to perfection and expertly finished, giving a classic silhouette a contemporary edge. The mid-weight cotton twill, patchwork construction and large front pockets give the Combat Jacket all the functionality that you need, and while our stylish camo may not help you to escape from behind enemy lines, it will certainly help you to avoid any serious style slumps.

Jungle Field Jacket | Jungle Green (RE0368)

Best Spring Jackets - Jungle Field Jacket | Realm & Empire

Green is the colour for SS16, and there is no prettier hue than that of our Jungle Field Jacket. In the early-1940s all standard issue kit was sand-coloured, even for the troops serving in tropical climates. As a result, the men would over-dye their kit in 'jungle green' to provide a more suitable camouflage. The Jungle Field Jacket has been garment-washed for a true vintage appearance, whilst double pockets at the breast and hip and internal waist drawstring give you the combination of style and practicality that you need this season.


Of course, not to be pessimistic about it but British summers do have a certain reputation – so there’s always the possibility that one of these Spring jackets could see you all the way through to September – but hopefully we’ll all be resplendent in sunnies, tees and polos by then...


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