What to Pack for a City Break  | Realm & Empire

What to Pack for a City Break 

Posted on May 05, 2016 by Realm & Empire

What to Pack for a City Break | Realm & Empire

If you've ever found yourself in a quandary about where to start when it comes to packing for a city break, read on.

Initially you may regret not paying for that extra luggage allowance, but these days packing a capsule wardrobe into a regular carry-on bag for a weekend away needn’t be an onerous task. This is your opportunity to practise all of that resourcefulness you’ve cultivated from many a night sat on the sofa, watching Bear Grills prepare other human-folk for kipping in the wilderness. Except, for your expedition, you probably won't need a first aid kit and the only rambling you’ll be doing is to that museum that you've told yourself you should visit to add a bit of culture to your ale-house pitstop trail.  

City Break Essentials | Realm & Empire

For a city-break, simplicity is key. Use the guide below to assemble a tightly-edited selection of your everyday basics to keep you looking excellent for the duration of your trip. 

What to Pack for a City Break: The Staples 

Slim Fit Chinos - City Break Essentials | Realm & Empire

You’re going to want a couple of solid staples and a pair of slim fit chinos is a good place to start. Tapered cotton trousers are relaxed enough for mooching around town but are smarter than jeans for when it turns into an evening night out. 

Cotton Twill Blazer Jacket - City Break Essentials | Realm & EmpireButton Up Shirt - City Break Essentials | Realm & Empire

Inner-city weather is notoriously unpredictable, and if the temperature of your destination is likely to fluctuate a few degrees, a mixture of mid-weight and light clothing is advisable. A cotton-twill blazer can be easily dressed down with a casual tee or worn formally in the evening with a button-up shirt. The numerous utility pockets of our Jungle Field Jacket will also come in handy for stashing away all those city-exploring essentials - you know, like maps and travel guides. Who are we kidding, we mean your phone... it’s all on your phone. 

Tee Shirts - City Break Essentials | Realm & EmpireScorpions Sweatshirt - City Break Essentials | Realm & Empire

Talking of tees, two or three will do the trick and won’t take up much room in your bag. Monochrome basics will go with everything whilst a pop of colour will reinvent the look the following day. Take a comfy loopback sweatshirt to keep off the chill. 

There’s probably going to be a whole load of walking as you try and cram in all those "must-sees" (or if you’re anything like us, those "must-eats") so sensible footwear is essential. 

Finally, if you're feeling optimistic about the weather, finish things off by packing your favourite sunnies and a hat. And there you have it, one stylish, uncomplicated weekend capsule wardrobe. Now venture forth and enjoy! 

Travel Essentials: AccessoriesTravel Accessories - City Break Essentials | Realm & Empire

(Clockwise, L-R) - 1. Rawhide Custom Leather Goods BiFold Wallet - 2. Imperial Barber Products Travel Case - 3. Realm & Empire Stone Bucket Hat - 4. Converse - 5. Mastermind Japan Canvas Belt - 6. Ray-Ban Folding Club Master


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