The Kitbag: Men's Summer Essentials

May 24, 2016

The Kitbag: Men's Summer Essentials


Starting to think about your summer holidays? Maybe heading to France for the Euros? Then you, friend, are going to need to look fire - which is exactly why we've put together this Summer Essentials edition of the R&E kitbag...

Whether you're going to spend your summer break beach (bar) hopping, relaxing in a country retreat, or exploring cities old and new, we've got your sartorial choices covered with this great selection of Realm & Empire menswear.

Keep reading to find your summer style!

The Long and Short of It

Men's Summer Essentials: Shorts | Realm & Empire

A good pair of shorts is essential for the summer months - and that's exactly where our Chino Twill Combat Shorts fit the bill. Coming in Navy, Stone or our very own Map Camo material, these are all you need to get some Vitamin D on those regrettably pale legs.

Of course shorts aren't for every holiday - not everyone will be seeing the Mediterranean this year, after all. That's why we've also got a selection of fine lightweight Chino Combat Trousers for your perusal, if you would rather not feel a stiff breeze around your ankles...

Grandad Style

Men's Summer Essentials: Shirts | Realm & Empire

Understated style, comfort and fit are the names of the game with our Grandad Workwear Tees, a design that's more timeless than the name may suggest. Whether you're playing hacky sack in the park or taking in the city bars, these tees will suit the look you're working.

If you need something more formal, how about our short-sleeve Desert Rat Shirt? This slim-fit summer essential can transfer easily from day to night, and brings an extra level of smart to your attire.

On Top Form

Men's Summer Essentials: Tops | Realm & Empire

When the evenings roll in you're going to want something a bit more substantial up top than just a tee. This is where our Patched Overshirt comes into its own, providing a lightweight and relaxed approach to workwear - as well as the extra layering that your underexposed office-worker body needs.

If your evenings are going to be a more casual affair (we're thinking bonfires on the beach and responsible BBQs in the woods - basically, anything with fire involved) then our PT Patch Hooded Sweat is all the comfort and style that you could want.


These are our first choice picks for the summer, but of course your mileage may vary. Good job then that we've got a whole SS16 collection waiting to be explored...

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