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The Brough Superior Motorcycle

Posted on April 08, 2014 by Realm & Empire

The Birth of the Superbike

Known as the "Rolls-Royce of motorcycles", the Brough Superior was renowned for delivering an unparalleled level of performance, quality of manufacture and rideability. 

Its creator, George Brough was born in 1890, the second son of motorcycle pioneer William Edward Brough, who had been building motorcycles at his factory in Nottingham.

George wanted to develop his father's business and make high performance motorcycles, however his father was not convinced. This led George to set up his own factory in 1919 at nearby Haydn Road, Nottingham, where he began to produce what he called the Brough Superior range of motorcycles and motor cars. Although the name Superior was suggested by a family friend, his father reputedly took it personally. 

George's motorcycles lived up to the claim, bringing together the best components he could find and adding distinctive styling details. Combining superlative workmanship with breathtaking performance, and functional beauty with practical engineering, these were bikes that demanded to be both admired but also ridden - hard.

Constructed with Care

Most bikes were custom built to the customer's needs, and rarely were any two of the same configuration.

Each motorcycle was assembled twice. The first assembly was for fitting of all components, before the motorcycle was disassembled and all parts painted or plated as needed, before it was put together again for a second time. When built each motorcycle was given a test ride to ensure that it performed to specification before being personally certified by George Brough. The SS10 model was ridden at 80mph or more prior to delivery.

T.E Lawrence, or Lawrence of Arabia as he is more commonly known, owned seven of these motorcycles and wrote frequently of his beloved 'Boanerges' (meaning Son of Thunder) in his memoirs!

This season, we have celebrated the Brough's legacy of outstanding craftsmanship through a selection of designs, including the Lawrence Sweaters & Tees and the RE Superior typography tee collection.

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