Lawrence of Arabia

April 15, 2014

Lawrence of Arabia


Colonel T E Lawrence, otherwise known as Lawrence of Arabia, played a leading role in the Arab Rebellion of the First World War. Unimpressive in British Army uniform, Lawrence was transformed into a glamorous hero by photographs showing him wearing Arab dress. His understanding of the Arab Culture and his military leadership underpinned Allied success in the Middle East campaign. 


As news of his exploits spread, he became a media celebrity; a pin up - the David Beckham of his day, perhaps? 



Lawrence accumulated a legion of fans, eagerly following his every move. John Buchan, the famous author and Director of Intelligence at the British Ministry of Information once said: "I am not much of a hero worshipper, but I could have followed T.E Lawrence over the edge of the world."


It was to be just one of the many testaments to Lawrence's character and achievement, and to this day he remains one of the twentieth century's mos fascinating figures. 



Lawrence was regarded as a man of integrity, honour and service, representing all that is quintessentially British. A perfect portrait for our Realm & Empire TE Lawrence jersey wear!



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