Collections | Desert Rat Style

April 28, 2014

Collections | Desert Rat Style

Desert Rat Style | Realm & Empire

Rolling up our khaki sleeves and wearing our Bombay bowlers, it was treasured unearthed during our latest expedition to the IWM garment archive that promoted our fascination with the desert. 

We dug deep into the vaults to uncover khaki drill uniforms, powerful images of the Long Range Desert Group units negotiating the slopes of the sand dunes in Chevvy trucks and enigmatic artwork, created by official admiralty artists. Key resources such as these have shaped our range this season, influencing the silhouette, cut, colours and garment detailing. 

Taking their familiar name from a mysterious, long-legged, hopping desert rodent called the Jerboa, the Desert Rats, or 7th Armoured Division was formed in Egypt in 1938 and carried out many desert duties. 

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