R&E Flashback - Football's Glory Days

August 30, 2014

R&E Flashback - Football's Glory Days

Football's Glory Days | Realm & Empire

England captain Bobby Moore with his wife Tina circa 1972
Photograph: Terry O'Neil/Getty Images


This week we're loving the new book 'The Age of Innocence: Football in the 1970s', published by Taschen. The book captures the years when football was as its most beautiful, free-flowing and entertaining - when footballers could still be caught puffing on a ciggy and the game was rooted in the local community. 

During this time, football became truly international thanks to extraordinarily talented teams and charismatic players who became the first generation of football superstars. 

The book sets out to tackle the global and cultural impact of the game; the memorable fashions, the girlfriends, the cars, the politics, the fans, the hooligans, the passions, the thrills and of course, the sideburns! 

Manchester United and Northern Ireland footballer George Best at his Manchester boutique
Photograph: P A Archive


Leeds United's Jack Charlton smoking a cigarette during a training session, August 1970


Liverpool's Kenny Daglish, 1978


It's a joint celebration of the world's most popular sport and the sizzling 70s - including the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, the first football championship televised in colour.

We love these little snippets that were previewed in The Guardian last week, but what do you think... was the 1970s truly the golden era of football? 


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