An Interview with... Model Aeroplanes

September 06, 2014

An Interview with... Model Aeroplanes

Now that the skies are looking increasingly overcast & a plethora of knitwear on the R&E shelves, we're just about coming around to the idea that summer is coming to an end. So, to kick off our new blog feature we thought we would take five minutes to sit down with a brew & have a little reminisce over the past summer's events with the fantastic Model Aeroplanes to talk highlights, style, and summer soundtracks...

R&E: With a string of festivals under your belt, including a slot at T in the Park, what’s been one of your summer highlights? 

With us playing so many fun shows and festivals this summer it's very hard to choose one main highlight however playing on the main stage at Wickerman Festival was an incredible experience. That along with playing to over 1000 of our fans at T in the Park on the T Break stage made summer 2014 unforgettable. 

R&E: What about as a punter... best festival?

Our favourite festival has got to be without a doubt Scotland's very own T in the Park.It was the only festival we had been to as punters when we were younger to be honest. It's T in the Park. It's incredible.

R&E: Soundtracks – who have you been listening to? 

We've been listening to a lot of artists this summer. To name just a few; Saint Raymond, Royal Blood, Pharrell, George Ezra and Kasabian.

Model Aeroplanes "Whatever Dress Suits You Better" (Live & Acoustic - Backstage at T in the Park)


R&E: This summer we learnt that pop-up tents don’t last two seconds in severe thunder/rain storms. Is there anything you’ve learnt from festivals? Any advice you can share...

The only thing we can really say is if you choose to camp on a slope you might get washed downhill if it rains. Oh, and also...just man up and embrace the elements! 

R&E: Any festival essentials?

When it comes to festivals, as long as you have sunglasses and sun cream then you're sorted. The burnt lobster look is so 2011.

R&E: Now then, where would you take us for a pint on your hometown, Dundee?

Reading Rooms. We go there a lot.  And we'd also take a wee trip to Manifesto of course for some R&E.

R&E: And finally, what have you got up your sleeves for the rest of the year?

We're currently writing our wee socks off as well as preparing for uni fresher season. We've been invited to headline a few unions around Scotland so we're very excited. We're also playing a few more festivals and going on tour with Eliza and the Bear and Fatherson throughout Scotland in October. Busy!

Cheers lads! Check out Model Aeroplanes on soundcloud and Facebook & listen to the Model Aeroplanes' full summer soundtrack on the R&E youtube page


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