An Interview with... Midnight Wire

October 26, 2014

An Interview with... Midnight Wire

An Interview with Midnight Wire | Realm & Empire

Leicester Band Midnight Wire | Realm & Empire

Left to right: Jamie wears the Club Collar Shirt with the Field Jacket, Alex wears the Two-Tone Shirt, Arj wears the Moss Stitch Crew with the Artisan Quilt Jacket and Nik wears the Stripe Polo with the Bivvy Jacket. 

As they put together the final touches for the forth-coming debut album, R&E joined local band Midnight Wire on the set of their photo shoot to chat sounds, scenes & favourites. Here's what they had to say... 


R&E: Hey guys! So for those not yet in the know, who are Midnight Wire?

Alex (MW): We are an Indie band from Leicester influenced by the likes of The Libertines, Two Door Cinema Club, Velvet Underground and whatever we enjoy listening to. The band comprises of me (Alex Van Roose) Vocals and Guitar, Arj Johal on Bass and Vocals, Jamie Fallon on Guitar and Vocals and Nik Green on Drums.

R&E: It's fair to say that the success of Kasabian over the past decade has shone the massive spotlight on Leicester, what’s the music scene like now in the city?

Nik (MW): The music scene in Leicester is really coming back to life, it's brilliant to be apart of. We all love Leicester and although we don't play in our hometown very often, it's always a fantastic show when we do.

The Kasabian show was such an amazing event that no one in Leicester had ever seen anything like before, it was one of those days that made everyone proud to be from Leicester. I think it certainly got people more interested in what this city has to offer. Which is an amazing array of talent spanning right across all genres of music.

Top: Arj wears the R&E Officer Topcoat with the Engineer's Shirt. Below: Nik wears the Stripe Polo with the Artisan Quilt Jacket. 


R&E: Any other Leicester bands we should check out?

Jamie (MW): As Nik said, the Kasabian gig certainly seems to have given the music scene in Leicester a new lease of life. Ash Mammal, Surf and Violet Cities have been around for a while and are just getting better and better. Part of the Problem are fairly new to the scene but are a band to really look out for. They somehow manage to blend about a million different genres together and make it work. Casino Empire and Stop That Train are two bands that have really impressed us, and they will be joining us for our album launch in December. Whatever genre you're into, Leicester will have a band that fits the bill.

R&E: What about music venues across the City?

Alex (MW): We are actually very lucky with the music venues in Leicester. We started out with places like the Shed, the Soundhouse, the Musician and the Cookie and they are always great places to see live music with a mix of local and touring acts. You’ve also got the likes of the O2 now, De Monfort Hall and the Y Theatre (where our album launch will be held) which are also great to play at and see other bands at.

R&E: Your debut album, ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ is being released this year, tell us a little about that. What can we expect to hear?

Alex (MW): Our debut album is actually most of our pop kinda stuff. In terms of influences of the album, it varies from track to track. We didn’t want an album that all sounded the same and there is a huge variety in the feel of the tracks, we were lucky it seemed to glue together so well. I believe it represents exactly how we were starting out and the progression we’ve made as a band. The actual title means a lot to us as well and I think that explains the journey we have gone through as a band – all the difficulties, the set backs and the risks we have had to take to get this album done independently. We always knew we wanted to do it ourselves and we are almost there. The physical copies are out at our album launch on the 19th December at the Y Theatre in Leicester. We have also (apart from preparing the release of the first album) been busy finishing off the writing of the second album and it’s already shaping up to be very different from the first.

R&E: And finally, you all ready for the quick fire round? Favourites, go...

Nik: Book - Realm & Empire's Lookbook, Movie - Control, Food - Burritos, Band - The 1975, Pastime - Winding up our manager

Jamie: Book - The Hungry Caterpillar, Movie - Senna, Food - NOT mushrooms, Band - The Libertines, Pastime - driving like Lewis Hamilton

Alex: Book – The Odyssey by Homer, Movie – Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, Food – Smoked Bavarian Ham, Band/Artist – The Libertines, Pastime – Easily winding up our manager Lizzie

Arj: Book- Jack Kerouac – On the Road, Movie – The Grinch, Food – Tuna, Band – The Shins, Pastime – Hiding from our Manager

R&E: Cheers guys, a pleasure to talk to you!

Midnight Wire's debut album 'Crossing The Rubicon,' will be released on 19th December with a show at Y Theatre in Leicester. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming tour dates throughout 2015! 

All photographs by Isaac Henderson-Pennington

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