R&E Journal // Goal Setting + Adventure Mapping

January 28, 2015

R&E Journal // Goal Setting + Adventure Mapping

R&E Journal | Goal Setting + Adventure Mapping

Part two of January's good intentions journal. With two cracking collections to share with you guys over the year, we're determined to make 2015 the best one it can possibly be as we continue to develop both the brand and the R&E team. 

We knew that by this point in January the word 'resolution' would be starting to grate on most people so we've purposefully tried to steer clear of trying to 'give up' and instead focus on 'doing more'. As a team who are constantly reflecting on progress and adjusting, it seemed like good practice to reflect on how we can start the year with purpose, enjoy more, live better...

Our first steps focused in on starting fresh. Not a clean page, as we all know, history is the best starting point - we're talking freshly groomed, eating clean, new ideas in new diaries. Now that's sorted, we're goal setting, mapping out adventures & road trips, seeking new references points and inspiration, and throwing the gauntlet down for kick-starting personal projects. That old vintage bicycle in the shed is getting one helluva makeover this month. 


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