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Engineering Corps: The 8th Anti-Aircraft Division

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Realm & Empire

As always, this season's print designs are influenced and inspired by our unparalleled access to the IWM archives.

Highly regarded throughout the Military, the Royal Engineers – commonly known as ‘Sappers’ – were the backbone of Second World War operations, providing military engineering and key technical support to the British Armed forces. It is the formation badge of the 8th Anti-Aircraft Division that provides the key source of inspiration for this graphic...

Formed in November 1940, the Division was responsible for the defence of Plymouth, Exeter, Bath and Bristol during the 1942 ‘Baedecker’ and 'Tip and Run’ raids on the South coast, when pilots of the Luftwaffe would make random, strafing across towns and villages from their base in France.


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