Collections | Five Wearable AW15 Trends

September 30, 2015

Collections | Five Wearable AW15 Trends

If we're being honest, seasonal trends aren't something that we particularly bother ourselves with - we like to think that our inspiration has way more depth than that. Each season we delve into that most bounteous archive, Britain's Imperial War Museums, to create contemporary menswear that's honest, practical, and authentic.

Our style is constructed from snippets of British history; using sometimes iconic but mostly clandestine influences that we've cleverly and subtly incorporated into our own classic workwear pieces. Our style isn't over-thought; it's origination in our own history means that it's ingrained in our DNA. It's universal, it's functional, it stands the test of time.

However, more often than not, once a Realm & Empire collection has been designed it just so happens that there's just a few trends that we're happy to get on board with. So if you do fancy updating your wardrobe as per the vagaries of fashion, here are a few pieces that tick the box for Autumn/Winter...

1. Green, Green and more Green 

Green Collection | Realm & Empire

The military trend always plays a massive part in menswear, but this season, there's no doubt that green was by far the most popular colour on the catwalks. 

2. Shealing Car Coats

Shealing Car Coats | Realm & Empire

You may have noticed that the Seventies are back in a BIG way this year, but if high-waisted flares aren't really your thing, then a subtle nod to the trend with the addition of a shealing collar car coat, is the way to go. Our version, which comes in three extremely wearable colourways, offers a classic, workwear shape and a padded inner, meaning there's never been a better time to invest. 

3. Orange 

Orange Collection | Realm & Empire

Bright orange was a big trend at the menswear shows this season, which is pretty good timing, as we've just introduced some brand new signal orange in to our outerwear range, inspired by original WW2 ground-crew jackets. Visibility is key! 

4. Polo Necks Jumpers 

Polo Neck Jumpers | Realm & Empire

Polo necks have been on the radar for a while now, added a much-appreciated layer of warmth in the winter. The chunkier the better in our books and pair with a pair of oversized workwear trousers and brogues boots for the ultimate casual, winter style. Think Steve McQueen and early arctic expeditions. 

4. The White Stuff

White Collection | Realm & Empire

Just because it's winter doesn't mean we have to ditch the bright whites. 

Join us on social media and let us know if you'd dare to try any of this season's essential items!

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