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Our Stores #01: Badger Clothing | Brighton

Posted on September 11, 2015 by Realm & Empire

A few week's ago we took a trip to sunny Brighton to visit one of our stockists, Badger Clothing. Established in 1988 Badger Clothing is situated in the heart of Brighton on Bond Street in the North Laine, one of the busiest shopping areas. We stopped for a coffee and a chat with owner John...

R&E: You pride yourselves in being an independent store that offers a wide and highly accessible range of premium brands, what is your biggest source of inspiration for your vision of the store?

A big source of inspiration for me is Brighton, I like the store to reflect the town, and it does feel like a town rather than a city to me, Brighton has always felt relaxed and un-self consciously stylish, it's inclusive and celebrates the individual. If we can reflect at least some of that in Badger I'm happy.

R&E: What do you look for in a brand?

Most importantly I have to be able to see a Badger customer wanting to wear a brand and if it fills a gap in our offer, then we look a whether it's commercially viable. We prefer wherever possible to sell products at RRP, as our customers are very price savvy. We would never want to be thought of as over charging for a brand.

R&E: What first attracted you to Realm & Empire?

When I first saw R&E it was just Ts and sweats, I really liked the the fact that is a back story to the imagery and the graphics used, also the link with the Imperial War Museum gives the brand more weight and something to talk to customers about. The brand is not age or size specific either which is always a bonus.

R&E: What’s the best thing about living in Brighton?

For me the best thing about living in Brighton is that's is so relaxed and easy to get wherever you need to be, it has some great restaurants and the North Laine is second to none for independents and people watching!

R&E: Any hotspots we should visit when in town?

For an amazing blow the budget steak I recommend the Coal Shed in Boyces St or fresh local fish and a vast range of craft beers The Urchin in Belfast St Hove is great, as for bars and clubs I'm way too old for that but just ask any of the guys in the store.

R&E: Your favourite item from the R&E winter collection?

I really love the Commando Roll Neck in ecru, it looks completely authentic without the itch and smell of the originals, I had a customer put one by as soon as it was unpacked and Tanya our women's store Manageress tried it on and it looked fantastic worn oversize.

Thanks to John at Badger Clothing. Check them out next time you're down in the Laines!


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