R&E Journal // A Tour of Langton Brewery

September 18, 2015

R&E Journal // A Tour of Langton Brewery


Have you had a chance to try our Realm & Empire branded ale yet? Crafted locally at a brewery in Leicestershire, it's a firm winner with us and those lucky enough to grab a bottle. Last week, brewery co-owner Alistair was kind enough to offer us a small tour of and a run-through of the processes they go through to get that flavour. 

Langton Brewery is one of 1,200 small Brewery’s within the UK and impressively, with just three full-timers, they succeed in producing approximately 50,000 bottles of ale a year. The small team offers a notable attention-to-detail and hands-on craftsmanship to each and every bottle. 

The whole process from brewing to barrel is a 5 day cycle, with the actual brewing process taking 5 hours. Time needs to be left for the ale to settle and for the bottles and casks to be kept at certain temperatures. 

Alistair spoke us through the different varieties of hop plants and how the combinations can be used to adjust ale flavour, aroma and bitterness. There are over 400 different varieties of hop, so this is the way in which the brewery individualises each beer. 

Hop plant as delivered to Langton prior to brewing. Approximately 2-3kg of hop goes into each brew of beer.

The hop plant is brewed with malt soaked in water. The malt seed changes the sugar into alcohol and also determines what colour the ale will be.  


Malt seed as delivered to Langton prior to brewing...

Malted liquid ready for boil...

The liquid is fermented ready to split into the casks... 

The brewery supply a variety of ales, each with their individual cartoon label so with the run up to Christmas beginning within the next few months, make sure you get your orders in for Langton Brewery’s personalised ale gift ideas.


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