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Our Stores #02: Eddie Franks | Rye East Sussex

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Realm & Empire

We recently caught up with one of our stockists Andrew, the owner of the super-cool menswear store Eddie Franks based in the historic town of Rye, East Sussex. Read on to find out more about his shop, the town of Rye, and his thoughts on the R&E brand...

R&E: Can you tell us a little about your store?

Eddie Franks has been open nearly a year and we wanted to showcase the best brands available with a contemporary and urban feel. I wanted to offer brands that are more casual and relaxed than my other shop. With a great mix of tees, sweats and denims I believe, and my customers tell me that Eddie Franks provides a great mix of brands that sit very well with R&E.

R&E: What inspired you to set up Eddie Franks and how did you decide upon its name?

I have been in the menswear business for over 15 years now running my shop W J Bennett with my father in the town of Rye in East Sussex. Last year I decided to expand by opening Eddie Franks, which is directly opposite in the High Street as I thought there was a gap in the area for a more casual, urban feeling store.

After many different names being discussed I decided to call the shop Eddie Franks because my two middle names are Edward Francis. It is good to be able to tell people the story for the choice of name.

R&E: What made you want to stock R&E and what’s your favourite AW15 product?

Being a buyer for a long time now I have been to quite a few trade shows and read the trade magazines. I had been aware of R&E for a while and when I decided to open Eddie Franks I knew that the brand was perfect for the shop as it provides a quality product that is very different to other brands because of the back stories used in the graphics and details.

There are lots of pieces from the new AW15 range that are personal favourites but if I had to pick it would be the Elmdon Bomber Jacket with the Hogan Bell T-Shirt. I know that’s two but I couldn’t pick between them...

R&E: What are your favourite places in Rye?

Well I spend a lot of time over the road in my other shop WJ Bennett! Outside of work there are lots of interesting independent shops in the town and some fantastic places to eat and drink, like the Standard Inn and Haydens. For somewhere incredible to stay there is the George Hotel and lots of other quirky B&B’s. If you want the best hot chocolate you will ever try Knoops down the road is amazing!

R&E: Thanks for your time Andrew and the store looks great! If anyone is ever passing by don't forget to check it out! 


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