Our Stores # 03: John Douglas | Chestergate Macclesfield

October 30, 2015

Our Stores # 03: John Douglas | Chestergate Macclesfield

In the third of our stockist interview series we talk to David, co-owner of the premium menswear store John Douglas, based in the heart of Macclesfield town centre.

R&E: What is the history of the shop and how has it evolved?

John Douglas was established 51 years ago in 1964 by my late father John Douglas Johnson.  He was an RAF air gunner with the coastal command searching for German U boats during the Second World War.  

He had a passion for style which was instilled into him during his time in the forces.

After working for a sportswear brand as a sales representative he decided to sell a plot of land at the bottom of the family garden for the sum of £3,000 to open an exclusive small two-roomed single floor menswear business.

In 1972 the opportunity arose to front the Grosvenor Precinct in a Grade 11 Listed Building which took the business to the next level.

My father passed away shortly after and the business was left to my brother and I. We are now known throughout Cheshire as a unique and unrivalled destination where 'FASHION & STYLE HAS NO AGE'. 

R&E: What do you like about R&E that makes you want to include it in your store?

The Realm and Empire brand with its authentic historic profile fits into the history of John Douglas Menswear and as a product we find it has an appeal across the generations.  I myself wear the brand along with my 20 and 18 year old sons. My sons' favourite pieces are the Bulldog sweatshirt and the Liberty Belle sweatshirt in blue.


R&E: What is the John Douglas experience and how do you appeal to shoppers?

John Douglas prides itself on a second to none shopping experience with eight separate departments within a Grade 11 Listed Building. Our staff are passionate about the products we sell and offer a wealth of knowledge and personal attention which helps to make the experience of visiting our store somewhat of an adventure resulting in many of our customers returning year after year from all around the country.

R&E: Thank you David. What a gem of a store. The John Douglas experience is definitely something we're proud to be a part of!


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