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R&E Journal // Eating Trench Cake

Posted on December 29, 2015 by Realm & Empire

Trench Cake | Realm & Empire

Anyone ever wondered what Trench Cake tastes like?

The name along with a few unexpected ingredients (such as vinegar and soda in place of eggs) doesn’t exactly make it sound very appetizing. Even so, the Realm & Empire team decided to bake one to find out! Why, exactly? Well, a little bit of background won't hurt...

These fruit cakes were sent to troops during the First World War by their family back home.

With ingredients hard to come by and expensive postage you can imagine they must have been incredibly special to those that received them, especially during the hard winter months.

But did the soldiers actually look forward to eating it?

It took no time at all for the R&E team to dive into it and the resounding conclusion is that the cake is surprisingly tasty and light...ish! Could we resist another slice? ...Nope! 

A cracking gift, bringing with it the taste and memories of home!


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