#MYREALM 02 - Operation Colossus

February 01, 2016

Recently we invited all of our customers to take part in our #MYREALM campaign, detailing just what you love about your R&E garb, and so far we've received an amazing response! 

Keep your peepers peeled as we'll be featuring a few of our favourites right here in the Field Notes. It's never too late to join in if you have your own story; click the link at the bottom to get in touch...

Many thanks to Neil Goodman for this entry! 

"I recently bought your Engineer Shirt and a jumper from the pop up shop in Covent Garden. I had never heard of your brand before but have have quickly become a follower and have ended up purchasing several more items. I really like the thinking behind each piece and quality is amazing.

When I buy clothing, the cut and detail are really important to me, so when I find a brand which ticks all the boxes (which is rare) I tend to buy a lot.

I sit here nice and cosy in our design studio wearing my favourite sweatshirt!"

Cheers Neil, glad you're keeping comfy!

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