How to Accept a Terrible Present

December 15, 2016

How to Accept a Terrible Present

By far the most stressful activity of the festive season is buying gifts for your loved ones - and not without reason. After all, who hasn’t been guilty of handing over the odd festive clunker? Yet a more immediate source of anxiety comes from being on the receiving end of a gifting faux pas...

It can be awkward for everyone, particularly if you find it difficult to receive gifts in the first place. That’s why we’ve put together some in-the-moment methods for accepting an unwanted gift with grace and poise.

That awkward moment...

It’s your Christmas gathering in the local pub. Your friend looks satisfied as they hand you a present, unmistakably Blu-ray shaped, which you open to reveal… a copy of Octopussy.

Now, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but a) Moore is the worst Bond and b) it’s so random that you wonder how it came to this. How well does your friend know you, exactly? Your next move is key to saving face and maintaining good esprit de corps.

We asked Twitter for some suggestions on how to react in this moment, and like champs you delivered.

For a first response, not much can beat Bowden_Saint’s suggestion: adopt a deadpan tone and say: “Do you know, I was only looking at this the other day?”

This may only work with certain items, so be sure to logic check before jumping in - but as a way of defusing that pre-reaction tension, it should work a treat.

That’s not enough though, so how do you follow up? This is where JbScripts tweeted to suggest finding something positive to say - a simple “I’ve not seen a Roger Moore Bond for a while” should suffice - before giving your friend their gift to shift the focus.

Of course, it does raise another good point – what if you haven’t brought anything for your friend? In that case, we might suggest that the faux pas is on you…


While you can feign satisfaction and adopt the methods above, science indicates that you may find yourself happier by simply acknowledging the act of giving, rather than the gift itself. Sometimes a terrible gift is just that, but at least the person put thought and care into their selection.

In other words, be grateful, be gracious - and get ready for a night in with James Bond.

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