Inspired by History: The Commando Frogmen

September 20, 2016

Inspired by History: The Commando Frogmen

The Origins of the Commando Frogmen

There's a degree of truth to the frogmen’s amphibious nom de guerre, as the unit became famous for undertaking dangerous operations both on land and at sea.

The Royal Navy had dismissed the idea of manned torpedoes as impractical and dangerous, but during the Second World War Italian frogmen the Siluro a Lenta Corsa (Slow Running Torpedoes) successfully attacked British naval bases in Malta, Gibraltar and Alexandria. This led to a change of policy and the formation of the Experimental Submarine Flotilla in 1942.

British Commando Frogmen Training | Realm & Empire

The training was rigorous and intense. The torpedo boats, called Chariots, were unwieldy to use and took time to master. Meanwhile oxygen poisoning, burst eardrums and sinus problems all contributed to the difficulty. Even so, none of these challenges would prepare the unit for combat.

The frogmen faced high odds of being either captured or killed in action. It was as dangerous an occupation as you could find in the war, but then the unit wasn’t without success either. The frogmen undertook raids against Italian and German boats, winning several tactical battles, whilst the unit also played a role in the D-Day landings. Demonstrating their amphibious prowess, the frogmen surveyed the sea floor before D-Day and demolished beach obstacles during the landing itself.

The Look: British Commando Frogmen

Camo is key for the covert frogman - and we’re not talking your typical botanical camo either. The modern frogman prefers understated, complimentary tones of navy in contemporary geo prints. A premium aesthetic with neat hidden features. He likes his attire to suit and adapt with his lifestyle – and his gadget collection!

Striped Long Sleeve Shirt & Roll Neck Commando Frogman Jumper | Realm & Empire

Soft, luxuriously wadded explorer jackets, chunky jumpers and adjustable weatherproof smocks allow the frogman to prepare for sudden showers or sunshine. Flexibility in changing conditions is key for an autumn wardrobe - and that's what the frogman look provides.

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