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Introducing AW16: Submerged

Posted on August 23, 2016 by Realm & Empire

Submerged: A Menswear Collection Inspired by WW2 Allied Navy

A Menswear Collection Inspired by the Navies of WW2

Commando frogmen, the Special Boat Service and battleships designed to dazzle: for Autumn Winter 16 the Realm & Empire narrative goes deep below the ocean's surface, drawing inspiration from the divers, marines and the clandestine demolition teams who operated during, and even long after, the Second World War.

We're delighted to present a striking new collection of winter wears constructed from ideas and real-life tales of mighty tough amphibious environments, highly tactical, clandestine operations and of course, the most no-nonsense of garb.

It's fair to say that from conception to the final process, this season's modus operandi is stealth. We've carefully studied authentic uniform details and scoured technical particulars to create contemporary pieces; all of which have been functionally designed and cleverly adapted for a modern wardrobe.

AW16 Submerged Concept Art | Realm & Empire

Reference points gathered in the Imperial War Museums archive has been pored over by the creative team, who have scrutinised every hand-rendered font, traditionally-printed graphic and meticulously drawn icon. We've paid particular focus to hand-cut stencils, official stamps and those wonderful faded effects caused by age and wear - the key design points associated with British sea power during WW2. Rich indigo dyes and rusty hues are complimented by bleached-out jersey finishes for a worn, washed-up aesthetic.

And we've not only been inspired by documents and artefacts, but by traditional naval apparel itself: wool mix duffle coats and a 'frogman' style hooded jacket will drop later in the season, whilst our chunky, British-made roll-neck jumpers are making a welcome return.

New AW16 items will drop over the coming months so keep on checking back to see what we've got (or if you're so inclined you can subscribe to our mailing list to get pre-drop alerts straight to your inbox).

So what are you waiting for? Dive right in...


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