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Spring Summer 17 - Jerseywear

Posted on April 06, 2017 by Realm & Empire


Men's Graphic Print and Slogan Jerseywear for Spring

The days are getting warmer and the evenings lighter we've created a fresh consignment of jerseywear that includes typographical and linear screen-printed graphics based on radar transmittance and covert communications. A special all-over print cipher alphabet, honours the incredible work accomplished by Bletchley Park’s code-breakers. Indigo dyed jersey is designed to fade to reveal ‘barely-there’ insignia, a notion inspired by the fake Army groups that were assembled as part of Operation Fortitude.

Operation Fortitude South 


Double-agents, dummies and decoys; Fortitude South was the deception plan cloaked in trickery and misinformation that helped to keep the real destination of the Normandy landings under wraps.  Led by General Monty, the 21st Army Group were the team that controlled all ground assault forces from the outset and are the subject of inspiration for this classic-fit typography design. 

PLEASE NOTE: This garment is printed using a cracking plastisol which is designed to crack during wash and wear to create a vintage worn aesthetic – a technique inspired by the hand-painted insignia found on original WW2 airborne attire!


Operation insignia 


The Ghost Army was an American Unit with a unique mission. With illusion as their greatest weapon, they sought to deceive the enemy with a series of stunts and shams, fake radio transmissions, battlefield dummies and decoys.
This design pays tribute to those Second World War 'ghosts' featuring 'barely-there' military squad patches




This great contemporary design features a tonal transmission pattern, inspired by the Royal Signals Unit, the British Expeditionary Force. During the Second World War, the Royal Signals were often the first into action, providing a full telecommunication infrastructure on the battlefield and conducting electronic warfare against enemy communications. As the allies moved through North West Europe, the Royal Signals would make use of newly developed radar techniques to intercept vital information. All members of the Corps carried tactical recognition flashes on their arms. 

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